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A boundary dispute occurs when there is disagreement or uncertainty between neighboring property owners or interested parties regarding the location or ownership of a property line. This type of real estate conflict is becoming more common in Florida due to rapid population growth, diverse property uses, and complex land development patterns.

When there’s literally a lot on the line, you need an exacting real estate lawyer dedicated to negotiating – or litigating – for a resolution that meets your needs. If you are having a boundary dispute, Fort Lauderdale property dispute attorney Geoff Levy can bring clarity and justice to the situation.

The Levy Firm PLLC is a boutique Fort Lauderdale law firm with more than a decade of experience providing professional legal services throughout South Florida. If you have a dispute in the Tri-County or surrounding area, contact us for a confidential free consultation.

Types of boundary disputes

A lot can go wrong when determining boundaries. There can be conflicting interpretations of property deeds or inaccurate surveys. Changing land use regulations also contribute to the prevalence of boundary disputes, particularly in densely populated urban areas and rapidly expanding suburban regions. Common types of boundary disputes in Florida include:

  • Encroachment. This refers to the unauthorized intrusion or extension of a structure, improvement, or activity onto another person's property beyond the legal boundary lines.
  • Easement Disputes. Disagreements over the delineation and use of rights-of-way, access, utility, and other types of easements.
  • Adverse Possession Claims. When a neighboring property owner or “adverse possessor” asserts ownership rights over a portion of the property based on open, notorious, continuous, and exclusive use over a specified period, usually seven years.
  • Unclear Property Descriptions. Vague contract language can lead to uncertainty about property boundaries.
  • Title Issues. Conflicting property titles, boundary lines, and ownership claims are types of title issues that often result from errors or discrepancies in title documents and historical records.
  • Zoning Violations. Disputes with local zoning authorities or neighboring property owners over land use, setbacks, or other zoning regulations can affect property boundaries and usage rights.
  • Natural Boundary Changes. Natural forces like erosion, accretion, or shifting watercourses can alter property boundaries over time.
  • Commercial Property Disputes. Income-generating properties are typically subject to different zoning ordinances, land use regulations, and development standards than residential properties. While commercial and residential properties have similar types of boundary disagreements, the stakes are higher and the rules change when commercial property is involved.

Residential and commercial boundary disputes share similarities in terms of the types of issues that can arise, such as encroachment, easement disputes, zoning violations, title issues, survey discrepancies, and land use conflicts. However, the specific circumstances, regulations, and stakeholders involved often differ significantly. Whichever type of property you have, The Levy Firm PLLC has the resources and knowledge to help you define boundaries and resolve disputes.

Who needs a boundary dispute attorney?

Understanding land boundaries is fundamental to ensure proper use, compliance with regulations, accurate taxation, positive neighbor relations, and protection of legal rights. At The Levy Firm PLLC, we help all types of property owners and professionals settle boundary disputes in South Florida, including:

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Land Surveyors
  • Property Developers
  • Florida and Out-of-State Property Owners
  • Construction Contractors
  • Zoning and City Officials
  • Environmental Consultants

If you are having a boundary disagreement, or you want to prevent one before it’s started, contact Geoff for a free consultation.

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