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No one wants to think about the worst-case scenario for themselves and families. Death and what will happen after you die is often an uncomfortable topic. But it’s important. At The Levy Firm PLLC we approach planning your final affairs with compassion, patience, and the knowledge necessary to protect assets and limit probate in the Miami-Dade Tri-County Area and throughout South Florida.

End-of-life legal documents ensure your medical wishes and asset distribution plans are carried out the way you want them to be. Located in Fort Lauderdale, The Levy Firm PLLC offers a variety of estate planning services – including the establishment of wills, trusts, and offshore planning – as well as handling personal injury claims and real estate disputes.

“It was a pleasant experience working with a boutique firm like this. Communication was strong and professionalism was readily apparent. Geoff was an excellent advocate and was always very honest in his approach.”
– Jeff

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If you do not have your estate plan in order, need to review or make changes to your estate plans, or need help with another legal matter, contact The Levy Firm PLLC for a free consultation. We are available by email, phone, and in person at our office on University Drive. Our website also has a contact submission form for a prompt response.

At our boutique estate planning and personal injury law firm, every case is handled personally by attorney Geoff Levy, an experienced legal strategist and litigator. Geoff provides each client with unique, tailored care, and prides himself on being available to clients whenever he is needed. You will never wait more than 24 hours to hear from Geoff if you have a question or need advice.

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You might not think you need a lawyer to prepare estate documents like wills, trusts, and avoid probate. You might think your estate is too small or simple to bother with an attorney. Think again. Dying without a Will or any form of estate planning means a Florida probate court will settle debts and distribute assets according to intestate laws that may not align with your wishes.

Navigating probate can be costly, and property disputes can strain family ties. Yet, taking proactive measures to safeguard your legacy can ease these burdens. We're here to assist you through the process. Contact The Levy Firm PLLC today to schedule a free consultation with Geoff. During the confidential assessment, we can answer your questions, explain your options, and help you decide what to do next. Don’t wait: start planning your legacy today.

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