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Finding yourself in need of a probate lawyer's services can be a stressful experience. Navigating complex legal disputes regarding a deceased loved one's estate plan, potentially facing conflicts among family members or other beneficiaries, and striving to ensure your rights are protected can quickly become overwhelming. In South Florida, The Levy Firm PLLC is here to help by protecting your interests and negotiating for a fair resolution.

If you need a Fort Lauderdale probate litigation attorney to advocate for your rights in challenging or protecting a will or other estate planning documents, contact us for a confidential free consultation.

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What is probate litigation?

Probate is a court-monitored process aimed at identifying and consolidating the assets of a deceased individual (decedent), settling their debts, and distributing the remaining assets to beneficiaries. Probate litigation involves legal disputes that occur within the probate process, such as:

  • Challenges to Will Validity
  • Disagreements Over Asset Distribution
  • Conflicts Involving the Estate’s Executor or Personal Representative
  • Claims on Ineligible Debts and Creditors

Probate litigation seeks to resolve these disputes and ensure the proper distribution of the deceased person's estate. Depending on the circumstances, the parties involved may include the State of Florida, banking, credit, and financial institutions, family members, other loved ones, beneficiaries, heirs, and the representative of the estate.

10 times to call a Fort Lauderdale probate lawyer

There are many scenarios in which someone would need the services of a probate litigation lawyer. Here are 10 of the most common ones:

  1. Disputed will validity
  2. Misinterpretation of the will’s provisions
  3. Allegations of undue influence or fraud in estate planning documents
  4. Asset distribution disagreement
  5. Dissatisfaction with the choice or action of a personal representative
  6. Claim against the estate by ineligible or phony creditor
  7. Guardian or conservatorship arrangement dispute
  8. Breach of fiduciary duty by the personal representative or executor
  9. Financial trust mismanagement
  10. Claim by an omitted or disinherited heir or divorced spouse

The Levy Firm PLLC handles all varieties of probate litigation cases. We are thorough and meticulous in our approach to getting you the resolution you deserve.

Florida probate FAQ

What is a probate lawsuit in Florida?

In Florida, a probate lawsuit emerges when disagreements over a deceased individual's estate prompt legal action, including issues such as contested wills, asset distribution disputes, or challenges to the executor's decisions, with the goal of resolving conflicts and ensuring fair administration of the estate's affairs under state law.

Do you have to hire a probate litigation attorney in Florida?

No, hiring a probate attorney in Florida is not required, but it's highly advisable due to the complex legal procedures involved and the expertise they offer in navigating the process, ensuring compliance with state laws, and resolving disputes efficiently.

In Florida, who pays for the probate attorney’s services?

Fees for Florida probate attorney services are typically paid from the estate's assets, which means they are deducted from the estate before distribution to beneficiaries.

Tips to avoid probate litigation in Florida

The best way to avoid probate litigation is to establish a clear, legally sound estate plan. While there is no way to guarantee an estate plan will be carried out without disagreement, well-drafted legal documents discourage lawsuits and protect your interests in case of a challenge or misrepresentation of your intentions. Here are some proactive tips to avoid a probate litigation:

  • Schedule a free consultation with The Levy Firm PLLC
  • Establish a clear estate plan
  • Keep documents up to date
  • Designate qualified beneficiaries
  • Choose a responsible personal representative
  • Educate family members about your plans
  • Keep copies of your legal documents in a secure place that can be accessed only if necessary

Contact an experienced Fort Lauderdale probate lawyer

At The Levy Firm PLLC, probate litigation attorney Geoff Levy can help you navigate complex legal matters. He can help you in:

  • Negotiation, mediation, or litigation
  • Dispute investigation and evidence collection
  • Presenting arguments in court
  • Complying with relevant laws and regulations

Geoff understands the sensitive nature of estate disputes and how important it is to maintain relationships among loved ones. That's why he takes a compassionate but strong approach to securing the case results our clients deserve. If you have questions about an estate plan or need a probate litigation lawyer, contact us to schedule a free consultation with Geoff.

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