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A last will and testament functions as a detailed guide that not only allocates assets but also ensures the orderly administration of a person's estate. As part of a comprehensive estate plan, wills allow individuals to communicate their directions for various financial and personal affairs, providing clarity and legal order for loved ones and personal representatives.

Without an official will, there is no way to ensure your values and intentions will be honored. Your estate will be administered by the State of Florida’s probate court. Misunderstandings, conflicts, and disputes among family members and beneficiaries are more likely, as well.

In Florida, a well-drafted will helps navigate probate efficiently, minimizing family disputes and providing clarity for loved ones. Hiring estate planning lawyer Geoff Levy to draft your will ensures legal compliance, minimizes the risk of errors, and puts you in a position to effectively navigate complex matters, such as federal estate taxes, capital gains, and potential disputes.

“Mr. Levy gave my family and I something of utmost importance and significance - HOPE. He listened intently, citing the law where it could be applicable in my situation. I urge you to give Mr. Levy an opportunity to assist you as well. You will not be disappointed. It was refreshing to see someone still interested in not only the law, but people, too.”

What is included in a will?

In Florida, a will is a legal tool for expressing posthumous wishes on asset distribution and affairs management, accepted in handwritten or formally witnessed forms. Following death, it may undergo probate, overseen by the Florida probate court, to ensure assets are distributed correctly. Common elements of a will include:

  • Asset Distribution. Specifies how the individual's property, real estate, personal belongings, and financial assets should be distributed among heirs or designated beneficiaries. It may include provisions for specific bequests, such as gifts, charities, or special items designated for individuals.
  • Personal Representative Appointment. Designates a personal representative responsible for overseeing the implementation of the will's provisions. The will outlines the powers and responsibilities of the representative, including asset management, debt settlement, and ensuring adherence to the deceased person's wishes.
  • Guardianship for Minors. Addresses the appointment of guardians for minor children in the event of the testator's death.
  • Debt Settlement. Specifies how debts and outstanding financial obligations – like loans, mortgages, or other financial liabilities – should be settled using the estate's assets.
  • Funeral Arrangements. May include preferences and instructions for funeral or memorial arrangements and address whether the individual prefers burial, cremation, or other specific details related to their final arrangements.
  • Specific Bequests. Bequests of specific items or sums of money to named individuals or organizations.
  • Residuary Clause. Sometimes referred to as a “pour over will,” these directions apply to any remaining assets not specifically mentioned in the will.

Ensuring the secure storage of your will is an important aspect of estate planning. Best practices for protecting your will include storing the document in a fireproof and waterproof safe or bank deposit box and maintaining a digital, password-protected copy.

We specialize in customized wills that protect what matters most to you

A will allows the designation of beneficiaries, appointment of an executor, and naming of guardians for minor children, ensuring a clear and legally binding plan for estate management. Without a valid will, Florida probate law dictates how assets are distributed – potentially conflicting with your goals.

At The Levy Firm PLLC, our Fort Lauderdale estate planning attorney Geoff Levy has more than a decade of experience providing legal services in South Florida. He is known for drafting effective wills and estate planning documents that accomplish clients’ goals and ensure their legacies are bequeathed as intended. If you are interested in establishing, updating, or amending your will, contact us for a confidential, free consultation with Geoff.

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