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Have you been involved in a recent truck accident? Your vehicle can be repaired, that’s the easy part. The challenge comes from receiving compensation commensurate with your injuries, property loses, lost wages, and potential reduction in quality of life. In many cases, truck accidents result in more destruction due to their increased weight and durability compared to a standard vehicle. This can mean higher vehicle repair costs or a longer recovery period for any medical issues. As the victim in a truck accident, these mounting costs can be stressful, but a truck accident attorney can help make the process a lot less painful.

If you’re the victim in the truck accident you might be eligible to receive compensation for  lost work, property repair, medical costs, and other costs associated with your recovery.

In cases where the truck accident involves a work truck or tractor trailer, as long as the employee driving the truck is acting within the scope of their job responsibilities, the company is liable for damages caused, both personal and property. Known as vicarious liability, the doctrine makes companies responsible for their employees actions, and that covers truck accidents. While this could lead to recovering a larger compensation package, the insurance agencies representing large companies can be intimidating to deal with, unless you have an experienced truck accident attorney in your corner representing your best interests.

When you’re the victim of a truck accident the company at fault will have a team of lawyers trying to lower their liability, at The Levy Firm PLLC we’ll fight for you and use our experience to negotiate the best possible outcome for you. You deserve to be made whole, we’ll help you get there.

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